Appalachian Storms

Appalachian Storms

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  • Last updated Nov 08, 2021
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Jul 10, 2023 S03 E06 00:13:06

Katie begins to study the metal ore the California Pure Hearts brought.  She is surprised by an electric shock.

David and Katie decide to experiment with the silver.Support the show

Jul 03, 2023 S03 E05 00:22:59

California Pure Hearts

Katie learns what the metal ore is the California Pure Hearts have brought with them.  She is not convinced it is necessary.

Katie finally has enough of Kat and proves to the small wolf who the Great White Wolf rea...

Jun 26, 2023 S03 E04 00:21:42

The Tutti Fruity Californians
Katie is woken up from the call of a California Pure Heart.  
The more Katie gets to know the California Pure Hearts the more she distrusts them.Support the show

Jun 13, 2023 S03 E03 00:16:36

The Sleeper
All the Sleeper Seekers have fallen into the sleeping sickness.  Katie is able to speak to one of them and finds out they are all coming for her.

Can't  Go to Sleep
Katie almost falls into the sleeping sickness and realiz...

Mar 28, 2023 S03 E02 00:34:15

The City Council
Katie goes to her house to meet up with the Sheriff.  Rachel meets her there and tells her Tate has called an emergency city council meeting.  
Katie tells the council what has been happening to the town and explains the differenc...

Mar 27, 2023 S03 E01 00:21:41

Sleeping Sickness
Katie decides to trust Sheriff Tate and tell him what is going on in his town.  The Seekers who had the Sleeping sickness are loosing their mental abilities and memories.Support the show

Mar 13, 2023 00:26:12

Second Wave
Malus attack the group of Pure Hearts.
Katie confronts Lizzy.
Katie finally gets information she is seeking about the Enticers.

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Mar 06, 2023 S02 E46 00:32:42

Katie finally has it out with Candace telling  her how she feels about the betrayal.
Jared tries to apologize for hurting her.
Jack Price lets Jared, Katie, Candace and David know their personal problems need to take a back stage....

Feb 27, 2023 S02 E45 00:25:11

The Big Set Up
Katie and David come up with a plan to get Carolyn Franklin angry.
Katie can no longer hold back her hurt towards David and Jackson.

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Feb 20, 2023 S02 E44 00:24:29

Zach comes up with a plan to have a fight before the other side is at their strongest.  
Katie figures out why David cannot not see projections.

Katie teaches David how to teleport. 

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